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What is Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching?

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching represents the genesis of an innovative new paradigm, incorporating coaching techniques with expertise in personalised nutrition, nutraceutical supplements and lifestyle choices, to offer individuals and groups an opportunity to address the main threats to health from sedentary lifestyle and work patterns, stress, poor nutritional choices and psychological disturbances.

Nutrition and lifestyle coaching aims to promote self-care, motivation and responsibility through behavioural modification, providing expertise while allying with clients to help them identify and achieve individualised health goals.

OK. That's a bit of a mouthful. But how can a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach help me?

I can work with you to optimise your health by making changes to your diet and lifestyle. Together we will examine your diet. You fill out a 3 day food diary, and I run the information from that through a software program called Nutritics that analyses all the nutrients to provide a very accurate picture of what you eat. You will also be sent a questionnaire to fill in that details any health concerns you might have and any particular goals you might want to achieve. Combining all of this information with any additional information that comes up during the consultation, I can look for imbalances in your diet and lifestyle which might be causing health problems, providing areas of focus for change.

We will work together. I will be your ally, and coach you to help you to come up with changes that are sustainable, effective and achievable. The changes you will start making will be small, so that you never feel overwhelmed, but at the same time they will be realistic. Each session we will build on the progress from the previous one. Research has shown that this approach is currently the most evidence-based way for the majority of people to make lasting changes.

Why should I work with a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach (NLC)?

Here are some statistics from America and the UK. Please note that many other developed countries often follow the USA when it comes to the prevalence of many diseases of western civilisation.

  • Premature chronic disease currently accounts for 80% of US healthcare costs
  • Preventable illness accounts for 70% of healthcare costs and absenteeism, and the majority of these costs occur because of poor diet and lifestyle choices
  • In the UK, almost half of all people who are claiming disability benefits are suffering from a mental illness, rather than a physical health condition
  • Psychiatric disorders affect more than 60 million Americans, or about 26% of the adult population. 40 million have anxiety and 20 million have depression
  • 1 in 10 Americans take an antidepressant, and these figures have tripled in the last decade

    NLCs and Health Coaches can help people to address the lifestyle and dietary factors that increase the risk of suffering from chronic disease. We can provide support to those who are already suffering from chronic illness and reduced health and wellbeing by helping to
  • address nutritional imbalances,
  • support digestion
  • manage stress
  • prioritise sleep
  • find ways to incorporate regular movement into your life
  • work on your sense of connection and community
  • support your elimination pathways
  • identify antinutrients which could be affecting your metabolism and digestion
  • support your immune system and reduce inflammation

    With the support of NLCs and Health Coaches, job and employee satisfaction can be increased, which helps to improve employee retention in companies. Productivity in school, work and at home can be increased. Absenteeism can be reduced, and morale increased, while your present and future health can be enhanced.

  • What sort of results can I expect to see from making changes to my diet and lifestyle?

    Doesn't everyone really want to be nourished and to flourish? Addressing what you eat and drink so that your food is both delicious and nutritious, limiting your exposure to environmental toxins, improving the quality of your sleep, fitting in regular movement, and finding ways to manage your stress can have a huge impact on the quality of your life. Managing your blood sugar levels so that you are not on a constant rollercoaster can boost your concentration and improve your mood so that you no longer feel irritable or lethargic. Feeling refreshed and energetic because you have great quality sleep can help to keep you feeling motivated and enthusiastic, as well as fit for whatever life throws at you. In turn this resilience can help the connections you have with other people in your life, whether that be family, friends, colleagues or clients. Supportive relationships are invaluable for your mental health, even to the point of extending your life expectancy. You were probably already aware of the importance of movement for heart health and bone density, but did you know that recent studies are showing that aerobic exercise and resistance training can regenerate brain cells, helping you to remain cognitively sharp as you age? All of these dietary and lifestyle factors go hand in hand in keeping you feeling young, strong, vital, and healthy. My job is to work with you to realise your true health potential.

    Do you use a cookie cutter approach and make the same recommendations to everyone?

    Definitely not. Both my medical experience and my training in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching have taught me that everyone is unique, and that there is no effective one-size-fits all approach to health. Many factors must be taken into consideration including your own preferences and goals, your unique genetics, any history of exposures which might have adversely affected your gut microbes and metabolism, the supports you have in place and lots of other factors. The programme that we will develop together will be one-of-a-kind, and individualised to you alone. This is precision healthcare.

    Do you see kids?

    Definitely! I've always loved working with children of all ages, and am absolutely delighted and privileged to be a part of their health journey. Besides, they are often the only people who will laugh at my jokes.

    Are you in Game of Thrones?

    No. Sorry, I am not in Game of Thrones. I couldn't grow a beard big enough. But my mum's postman is in it. If you like you can call me "Mother of phoenixes, Khaleesi of the great pond, creator of recipes, leader of swans, and friend of cats." Everyone in Northern Ireland has been to the Dark Hedges by now, so here's a little photo of them.

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