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1. A foundational recipe for a stock or bone broth made from trotters. In addition you also end up with some really flavoursome meat.

2. A few people have requested this, so here is that cassoulet recipe. Cassoulet is a labour of love, but you are rewarded with a very rich and satisfying stew.

Sciency stuff

1. A critique of an article claiming that eating pasta can aid weight loss, but how reliable is the data?

2. Could diet help you prevent and even treat osteoarthritis?

3. How many of us are being killed and hurt by the industries we rely on to save our lives?

4. European GPs feel inadequately trained to prevent and treat obesity. Should we care?

5. Can I have smoked sausage??

6. No wonder we are all exhausted: Our dietary guidelines are causing malnutrition.

7. Could eating meat be more cruelty-free, sustainable, and environmentally friendly than eating crops?

8. Literally nobody told me the MRI gadolinium-based contrast I was about to have could screw up my health for years... or even permanently!

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